The dream of three great friends starts to take off.

Lycolé is the result of the passion of three friends for natural cosmetics.

It all began one December morning in 2013, during a meeting of three friends, Gema, Blanca and Mamen, who have loved natural cosmetics since they were small. The foundations of this great project emerged that day… a project that is gradually taking shape everyday – Lycolé.

Many ideas emerged that day, but they all had two common goals: one was their desire to work together and two; that the focus should be on their great passion, natural cosmetics.

We have always believed that the best ideas are born from passion, like the one that inspired Lycolé, the beauty spell that captivates you.

We had heard about the wonderful properties of lycopene in the area of nutrition. Its antioxidant and regenerative properties made it perfect for preventing many types of illnesses.

So we asked ourselves… if it really is beneficial to our health, what would happen if we use it in cosmetics? This was the beginning of many hours of research and consulting great professionals, until we attained a line of natural cosmetics, with lycopene as its star component.

Presently, we have our own laboratory, where we control the entire chain of production, from the beginning until the final packaging. We carry out this work with the greatest care and the utmost attention, always keeping in mind our clients.

Union make force.

In July of 2017, we partnered with the GECONESA Business Group, who trusted our project from the beginning, supplying us with lycopene. Their main activity is the manufacturing of processed tomato, which is now exported from Extremadura to many places around the world.

We have grown – Manolo, Rogelio and Mochi joined our team, three men and three women presided over by Manuel Vázquez Gimón. We are pleased to grow together in this beautiful, exciting world of natural cosmetics.

We have launched our “Lycolé” line: a range of products based on lycopene, the Red Gold of Eternal Youth, which will allow you to feel a world of sensations as you pamper and care for your skin.

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